In the wake of the tragic taking of Coach Ed Thomas, his wife, Jan, and their sons, Aaron and Todd, have established the Ed Thomas Family Foundation.

The Ed Thomas Family Foundation has been established to benefit those causes that Coach Thomas’ family believes will extend his influence and honor his priorities. Priorities of Faith, Family, Character and Integrity guided Coach Thomas to one of the most decorated high school football coaching careers in the state of Iowa. Donations will be directed to faith-based organizations, for the advancement of his community and for sports and education related causes. It is the prayer and focus of the Thomas family that the gifts in remembrance of Coach Thomas continue to bless as many lives as he blessed during his life.

The Ed Thomas Family Foundation is being funded by the generous gifts that have flowed in since his passing.

Coach Thomas taught by word and deed, lessons of faith, leadership, service, commitment and sacrifice. It is these qualities he instilled in those privileged enough to be in his sphere of influence. His legacy has been passed on in the quality and character of his family and it is the sincere pledge of the Ed Thomas Family Foundation that it will seek to extend that legacy for generations to come.

- Jay Jordan, former player and professional advisor to the Ed Thomas Family Foundation.

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