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VIDEO: Ed Thomas Fourth Quarter

Watch as Ed Thomas teaches his athletes more than football.

VIDEO: E:60: Sacred Acre 

E:60 covers the  high school football team rebuilding after tragedy.
Sep 16, 2008

Article: In Parkersburg, the Show Must Go On
ESPN senior writer Elizabeth Merrill follows the aftermath of Ed's death.
September 21, 2009

ARTICLE: A Good Man Down

Sports Illustrated Article by Lee Jenkins that appeared in the July 06, 2009, Volume 111, Issue 1
July 06, 2009

VIDEO: Coach Ed Thomas and Aplington-Parkersburg football

The Register followed Coach Ed Thomas and the A-P High School football team for their first home game following the devastating tornado of May 2008.
Fall 2008

VIDEO: Ed Thomas Speech

Ed Thomas speaks at his church in Parkersburg, Iowa, on the Sunday of Memorial Day this year - the one-year anniversary of the tornado.

VIDEO: Ed Thomas Speaking at William Penn

VIDEO: ILLOWAFCA Coaches Timeout

June 24, 2013

VIDEO: Des Moines Register raw video of Ed Thomas interviews

Raw footage from several Des Moines Register interviews with Ed Thomas after the tornado hit Parkersburg in May 2008.
June 29, 2009