Story of the Week- Kindness

Ed Thomas Coaching

posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Our Story of the Week comes from Waverly–Shell Rock. A great story about kindness and the power of prayer:

"Two weeks ago, my son broke his wrist in a 9th grade football game. It was late in the game. He was running the ball, on a QB-keeper, when the linebacker's helmet hit his wrist on the tackle. After quite a bit of time on the field getting medical attention, he was rushed to the emergency room. 

Because of the severe nature of the break, he was then sent to the ER in Iowa City. We were faced with many unknowns. Mainly, would he need surgery? It was a scary time for him and for us, as parents.

As his mom, I was getting a flurry of text messages: How is he? Is he in a lot of pain? We are all worried about him. Tell him we're thinking of him. Sending our prayers. 

Sending our prayers . . . 

I received a late text from one of my son's teammates. He told me that the father of one of his teammates had met the team on the bus. The players all held hands, and he prayed with them for my son's healing and comfort. 

This happened because of a few things: The work of the Holy Spirit, the faith of that particular father, and the culture built by our football program at Waverly-Shell Rock High School– a program that honors and encourages its players' faith formation.

I was touched by this simple act of kindness. Simply a prayer. But the depth of it, immense. And kindness at its core."

Story submitted by Krismar Ramker
Team Photo by Beth Paulsen Photography