Reflection: Todd Thomas

Ed Thomas Coaching

posted on Monday, October 24, 2011

Character was defined to me as “ALWAYS doing what is right, even when no one else is looking!”  I constantly heard my dad give this definition of character as he would speak to his team, his classes, or any other speaking engagement that he may have had.  Character is one thing that my dad really strived to instill in me at a young age, and that I am still trying to carry forward.

Dad constantly would harp that our character is our biggest defense.  If people were going to attack us as people, then they are really attacking his character.  If we are always doing what is right (which he made look easy), then people have no foundation for their attacks.

This past week, we kicked off Character Counts week at AP High School!  In a society where character is often overlooked, I just hope that we will not focus on Character one week out of the year, but that we will all try to be people of great character.

-Todd Thomas