Reflection: Aaron Thomas

Ed Thomas Coaching

posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011

We had a great event at A-P yesterday! I thank Carly Russell for putting the event together where we had three great speakers talk to the high school and middle school students about the importance of Character!  Angie Chapman started the program with a great message followed by Coach Kerns who is always great to listen to and really challenged the young people to keep this school on the hill a place of high character and to be proud of what we have here at A-P.  Mayor Bernard then did a great job and we thank him for declaring this week Character Counts week in Parkersburg.

For me character is a word that will always be associated with my dad! He so often talked about the words character and integrity and I do believe these two things are such a huge part of not only A-P football but A-P as a whole.  To me your character is the only thing you have 100%  control of!  No matter how little you have in terms of money or material things you are the only person who can give up your character and integrity!  No one else controls it but you!

I hope we are people of character more than just one week a year but it is something we think about daily in the decisions we make!  As my dad once said your character is revealed in the toughest of times (we have had some hard times at A-P but have risen above each and every obstacle!)  Be people of good character and be difference makers! I know one coach who would expect nothing less of any of us!!! FFF forever.

-Aaron Thomas