What Really Matters

Ed Thomas Coaching

posted on Thursday, October 31, 2013

The following post is from Todd Thomas, Coach Ed Thomas’s son.

You know, it seems like everywhere that I would go in Iowa, and even the surrounding states, everyone knew “Coach Thomas.”  And people would always associate me with coach Thomas.  But you know to me, he was just my dad.  Some of the best moments I had with him were some of the times out golfing or going to some games with him.  But to me, he was just my dad.  We could talk about a lot of other things than just football.  Now, we enjoyed talking football, but that wasn’t what everything was about.  A lot of people don’t realize that we spoke every day.  Especially after he had that cell phone after the tornado, we would talk multiple times a day.  That is probably one of the things I missed the most.

But he had his priorities straight.  He loved his family; and we knew it.  He showed it to us; he was curious about everything that we did.

After we go, it is the time we spent investing in the lives of others that remains.  What will be missed about you and by whom?