Reflections on Good Friday & Easter

Ed Thomas Coaching

posted on Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last week we remembered Good Friday and the death of Jesus on the cross.  Many worked, many took the day off, and many attended a service.  Regardless of your activities, there was, most likely, some conscious thought regarding the events that we recognized on that day.   I would like to focus your thoughts on one thing.

Most, if not all, of the blogs we write are focused on our actions and thoughts.  They are motivational quotes or thoughts that spur us to achieve our goals and improve our performance.  The application is focused on our efforts to achieve a better life, do better at our jobs, do better at home, and do better on the field of play.  Admirable, and certainly we can and should make those efforts.  However, Good Friday focuses on what we cannot do and the glory of grace.

On Good Friday, Jesus bore the penalty for OUR sins.  Yes, yours and mine.  Not just the sins of the past, but the sins of the present and future as well.  On that fateful day, He became THE sacrifice for all sin.  On that day, He took our place on that cross and reconciled us to God so that whenever we are viewed by God all that is seen is the covering sacrifice of Jesus.  He paved the way that we might be presented whole and blameless and enter into a relationship with the living God.

There is nothing I can do in this life that can earn the salvation that Jesus provides.  There is nothing I can do to improve my standing with Him.  There is nothing that I did that motivated Jesus to stand in my place.  Instead, the act was one of complete and true love, completely unmerited, and completely glorious in its result.  My only act is to accept and believe.  At that moment the divine contract is sealed and my sins are forever forgiven and removed.  I get the opportunity to live my life free from the guilt, fear, and shame of sin, because I have the righteousness of Christ through faith in Him.  It is finished and I had nothing to do with it.

Go forward with a heart full of celebration and reverent love for the One who gave without conditions and achieved all that you can never achieve.  Yes, the one goal that sits above all others, to be reconciled to God, has absolutely nothing to do with your efforts.  We stand innocent before God and man for our transgressions and do not have to pay the price that we deserve for them.  Celebrate and renew your faith in the One who loved us so much, so much that He sacrificed His only son…for you.  Simply bask in His love and let the celebration of Resurrection Sunday live on in your hearts throughout the year.