Tyler Menke, Faith Impact Story

Dear Thomas Family:
         I have never meet your father but he has taught me a lot of things. He taught me that it doesn't matter about your wins or losses the thing people will remember you for is the type of person you were. I love to play the game of Football and for the most part the main reason is because i heard this story about your father on the news, on espn, ect. He has touched me in ways i don't think my parents have ever touched me. I'm currently a sophmore in High School and hope to be a good football player. The reason why i believe i have become good and hard-working is because Ed taught me, without even meeting me, that hard-work can conquer all. If you give it your all and work your hardest each and every day you will feel like you have done your job and will be happy with yourself. My life goal is to be a Football coach just like Ed. If that dream comes true i would want to coach just the way Ed did. Respect my players and hope to have them respect me as much as Ed's past players did. Faith Family Football(FFF09) we had that patched on our helmets for the 2009 football season and i currently have it on the back of my car. It is one thing i will never forget the meaning of because it means so much to me. I am currently doing a research paper on Ed and almost everytime i look at articles about him I feel like inside me i want to start crying because it such a touching story about how your family have continued to respect and appreciate the Becker family. Thanks for the Life Lessons and thanks for having such a great member of your family and lastly Thanks for making a difference in my life and the life of many others.

Tyler Menke Cascade, Iowa