Tess Simmons, Faith Story

Coach Thomas,

My name is Tess, and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. My fiance, Ron, and I are both physcial education teachers and coaches here in Bama. Ron and I visited a new church in our area yesterday morning. We are not "church-goers;" however, we have both felt like we were missing something in our lives. It was almost as if we were both wanting to reach out for something else. We randomly just decided to attend this church yesterday morning. Yesterday was the first that Ron and I have attended church together. It will not be the last. The pastor shared your father's memorial ESPY video. Watching it almost made us feel as if something was lifted off our shoulders. Both of us being coaches, I cannot tell you how much of an impact your father's faith made on us. We truly feel like it was not an accident that we decided to attend and that we decided to attend that certain church. We left that building yesterday wanting to be disciples. We left wanting to be different. We left changed because of God's grace through your father. We cannot thank you, your brother, and your Mom enough for sharing this with us. May you and your family continue to be blessed.

Thank you again,

Tess Simmons