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Pass The Legacy On

“I’ve always said my job is not to prepare our kids to be college athletes. My job is to make football a learning experience, and there are so many things they can learn from being a part of our team that will help them be successful later in life as a father, member of a church, or member of the community. There are so many intangibles we can teach that they can take with them.”

Coach Thomas lived, taught, coached, and led by one simple philosophy: focus on the fundamental ingredients of success – faith, dedication, teamwork, commitment, and perseverance – and the victories will come.

“I talk about leaders setting an example, the responsibility of being a leader, and the idea of being a servant and a giver. I talk about standing up to do what is right when nobody else will, and letting other players know when they’re doing something wrong. I also explain the importance of being a role model—that leaders have to set the tone for other players to follow.”

Ed Thomas walking up to the press box putting away the pylons
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